We believe that aligning your energy with your mission makes your law practice unstoppable. It's taking the best of what you offer and making it work for your ideal customers. We are capacity builders - making sales and marketing easier for every stage of business. 


I'm Pam Foley

After over a decade as a small business owner and several successful businesses under my belt, I've learned a few things. The most important? Aligning your authentic self with the mission of your business is a game changer. Once that happens, there’s no stopping your growth. 

Without it, you struggle to attract new customers, miss your revenue targets, and stall. I know because I’ve been there. 

Now, I show small and solo family law practice owners how to let go of fear around sales and marketing - and how to use strategy to get visible and grow. It’s putting the tools you have into your business and achieving results without giving up the life you want to live.

You can be a business success story and reach your full business potential.

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My Story

I knew, even as a kid, that I wanted to be a writer. What I didn't know was the weaving path I’d take to achieve that goal. Or how I’d take that desire to write and mold it into something new – from a writer to fundraiser to attorney and agency owner. Who knew?

From starting work with the Lt. Governor of California to fundraising for non-profits— to successful careers as a lawyer, a realtor, and a business owner— the one common thread has been storytelling. Even when I struggled with sales or attracting new business, it was story that got me through. 

Now, I help others see how sharing their story online can lead them to achieve their marketing and sales goals. Even more? They gain new confidence, find ease in attracting new business – and see the success they’ve dreamed about.

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​​“Pam and Hey Visible! are incredible strategists. They have written highly-technical, keyword-rich content for a wide range of topics and industries. Pam’s skilled book marketing strategy also helped my client’s book become an Amazon best seller!"

- Tera, Philosophy Commincations 
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"Working with Pam to design my website was truly a great experience. Not only did she offer fun and professional ideas for branding on my website, she helped me create a marketing strategy for my business. She and her team were responsive to my requests and updates."

- Susie, Finish the Book Publishng 
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"Pam is THE BEST. On our initial consultation call, she was down to earth, gave very helpful advice and tips to move forward; she is patient and kind. I appreciate that she walked me through her process step by step. I think she's a no nonsense nurturer ;) which I definitely need! Thank you Pam!

- Darcy, Solopreneur

Why I Do It

I work with small and solo family law firms that are struggling to close sales. Why? Because I’ve been exactly where they are, and I understand how it feels to feel lost, unsuccessful, and even scared.

Learning the power of online visibility changed not only my business profits but also gave me the power to share my story to help others do the same. I discovered that attracting new clients and growing didn't have to be hard—I just needed the tools, confidence, and skills required. 

So, I made it my mission to help as many people as possible grow solid, sustainable businesses – and create better lives for themselves and their families.

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